About Us


Nick has 21 years of landscape gardening experience that began with running his own gardening round in the Sussex countryside while still at school. Then, he went on to work for David Bland Landscapes in Sussex from the age of 17 before attending Kingston University in 1994, studying Landscape Architecture. After graduating with BA (Hons) in 1997, he continued to work for David Bland Landscapes, building up an in-depth practical knowledge of all aspects of the landscaping trade.

In 2003, Nick moved to Edinburgh and set up the very successful landscaping partnership, Hill & Trail garden design and construction. Over the next 4 years, Hill & Trail enjoyed an excellent working relationship with its customers and grew steadily until late 2007, when Nick decided that the time was right to form his very own landscaping company, Nicholas Hill Garden Construction.


Nicholas Hill Garden Construction is dedicated to offering you the best standard of workmanship and customer service to provide you with the garden you deserve and we look forward to working with you to achieve this.

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